Our mission is to empower businesses to effectively communicate their products and services to their market and company values to their employees. We provide marketing collateral that is clear, concise, and inspires action. We partner with our clients and launch their communication efforts with ease and confidence, helping them to realize their financial goals.
  • Struggling to hammer out a concept?
  • Need to update the marketing efforts on your website?
  • Would you like to have a white paper produced?
  • Is your company looking to launch new marketing initiatives this year?
  • Looking for a results-driven sales letter to boost your profits?
  • Interested in producing a newsletter?
  • Require an editor to go over your book or e-book, reports, or marketing materials?
  • Want to create training materials?
Those are just some examples of what companies go to Des for when they need a copywriting project completed.
Whatever you have in mind, whether itís the initial inkling of an idea that requires some nurturing, or a package you need pulled together for marketing delivery, contact Des to discuss your project.
Fees are based on the project or by the hour. A scope-of-work proposal is given for each project to outline all expectations. Work commences upon sign-off and deposit.




"Iím pleased both with the quality of Desireeís work and with how quickly she completed my project."
— Dave, Cash Flow Seller